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The product enables to use technologies such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and/or EtherCAT and others. These technologies are promoted by trade organizations, such as PNO (profibus.org), ODVA (odva.org) or ETG (ethercat.org). These trade organizations as well maintain the specification and care about legal issues.
We strongly recommend to become a member of these organisations. Most technologies are making use of patented or otherwise copyrighted technologies, approaches or other intellectual property. The membership usually automatically entitles the member for use of most of the technology-inherent copyrighted or otherwise protected Intellectual Property of the corresponding trade organization and most 3rd parties. Otherwise the user will need to obtain licenses for many patented technologies separately.
Further we suggest to you to subscribe to the corresponding Conformance Test Tool of these trade organizations. For instance the ODVA only accepts conformance test applications from companies who have a valid membership and have a valid subscription to the recent Conformance Test Tool. We as port are members in all corresponding organizations and are holding a subscription to these tools - however you as a customer need to have an own membership and an own subscription to the tool.
All rights reserved
The programs, boards and documentations supplied by port GmbH are created with due diligence, checked carefully and tested on several applications.
Nevertheless, port GmbH cannot guarantee and nor assume liability that the program, the hardware board or the documentation are error-free or appropriate to serve a specific customer purpose. In particular performance characteristics and technical data given in this document may not be interpreted to be guaranteed product features in any legal sense.
For consequential damages, every legal responsibility or liability is excluded.
port has the right to modify the products described or their documentation at any time without prior warning, as long as these changes are made for reasons of reliability or technical improvement.
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The soft- and hardware designations used are mostly registered and are subject to copyright. 
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