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This document describes the project generator for application projects. Beside that the generator for the GOAL web server is described.

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Introduction of this document

Project creation

Introduction to GOAL projects


Installation requirements for the generators

Project generator

Description of the GOAL project generator

HTTP generator

Description of the GOAL http generator

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GOAL projects

GOAL projects consist of a Makefile and are build using the make utility. Changes regarding features or files need to be done within the project Makefile.

Following an example project file:

## @file # # @brief # Generic Makefile # # The output will be stored in the directory build/. # # @copyright # Copyright 2021 port GmbH Halle/Saale. # This software is protected Intellectual Property and may only be used # according to the license agreement. # # paths PWD = $(shell pwd) GOAL = $(PWD)/../../../../.. APPL = appl/2015013_irj45/ac/09_ecat_slave TGTS = $(PWD)/targets # features CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_MCTC_AC = 1 CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_GOAL_ECAT = 1 CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_DD_CTC_AC = 1 CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_LM_EMIT_MA_UART = 1 CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_HTTP = 1 # files SRC_C += \ $(APPL)/goal_appl.c \ $(APPL)/../../rpc/ccm_rpc_ac.c \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_ecat.c \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_ecat_objects.c \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_foe.c \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_http.c INC_C_FILES += \ $(APPL)/../../rpc/ccm_rpc_ac.h \ $(APPL)/../../rpc/ccm_rpc.h \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_ecat.h \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_ecat_objects.h \ $(APPL)/goal_appl.h \ $(APPL)/goal_appl_http.h \ $(APPL)/goal_http_fs.h \ $(APPL)/goal_config.h export all: @$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f $(GOAL)/tools/make/Makefile $@ .DEFAULT: @$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f $(GOAL)/tools/make/Makefile $@ gen_http_fs: $(GOAL)/tools/generator/goal_gen_http_fs.sh $(GOAL)/$(APPL) $(GOAL)/$(APPL)/html goal_http_fs.h

Line 18:

This path points to the application folder, where source files are located.

Line 22 .. 26:

This section configures features which are part of the project. Available features are described within the file $(GOAL)/tools/make/gcc/Makefile.features. In this example the required features for an application controller (AC) are configured which enable:

  • CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_MCTC_AC: general RPC functionality

  • CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_LM_EMIT_MA_UART: logging output to a serial console

  • CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_HTTP: RPC interface for web server

  • CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_GOAL_ECAT: RPC interface for the EtherCAT stack

  • CONFIG_MAKE_FEAT_DD_CTC_AC: RPC interface for the device detection (DD)

Line 28 .. 45:

This section describes the required source files and used header files. The list of header files is required for project generation. Only the listed files will be visible within the target IDE.

Line 50 .. 55:

Required targets, please leave unchanged.

Line 57 .. 58:

This target can be used to generate header files required for the web server.


In order to use the generators a shell environment is required. Following for different operating systems an installation procedure is provided.


Reference system is an Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 64 bit system.

  • Install build essentials

sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • Install perl dependency

sudo cpan File::Copy::Recursive sudo cpan List::MoreUtils

Microsoft Windows

Reference system is Windows 10, version 2004 (10.0.19041.0).

Optionally the Windows subsystem for Linux can be used, then the Linux installation procedure applies.

  • Install required tools

  • Install perl dependency


Reference system is an OSX Catalina (10.15.6).

  • Install perl module

Project generator

The project generator needs to be run within the project folder (where the Makefile is located).

  • Enter the project folder

  • Select a target:

Please select the prefered target from the list of available targets.

  • Run project generator (eclipse)

Please select the project template from the list of available targets.

Following table gives a short description of the available targets:






Atollic studio project


E2Studio project for s7g2sk


E2Studio project for Aris


E2Studio project for Aris


Generic embedded eclipse project


Generic eclipse project


STM32CubeIde project for stm32f4

Table: Available project templates

The project generator will output some details regarding the process:

The output folder contains the generated project, which can be imported as an preexisting project into the IDE, e.g. STM32CubeIDE.


HTTP Content generator

The provided tool takes a folder containing files, prepared for delivery by the web server and converts those to a format, which can be compiled into the application binary.

Within the project makefile a target can be created which performs this action:

This target calls the bash script goal_gen_http_fs.sh which takes the following arguments:

  1. target path: where the generated header file goal_http_fs.h is created

  2. source path: folder which contains html files, images, js files ... for web server delivery

  3. target filename

Upon invoking of the generator the target file is created. This file can be included from the application. For each file within the source file the following artefacts are created (e.g. from index.html):

binary representation of the file content:

length of the file content:

These variables can be used to provide the data to the web server: