Features & Known Restrictions

Supported Platforms

port provides ready to use driver packages with EtherNet/IP Adapter stack for the following platforms:

  • Generic Linux

  • Generic Linux with port Switch Interface

  • ST NUCLEO-144 STM32F4

  • Raspberry PI Linux

  • Renesas RIN32M3 HWRTOS

  • Renesas RZN1D (on RZN1-CM3 with interface to A7)

  • Renesas RZN1L

  • Renesas RZN1S (on RZN1-CM3 with interface to A7)

  • Renesas RZT1 (on RZN1-CM3 with interface to R4F)

  • ST STM32 using Cube Libraries (F4, F7, H7, MP1 and above)


  • STM32 + KSZ8863

  • STM32 + LAN9354

your platform is not supported? Please contact us via service@port.de to learn more about extending platform support.

Supported Features

This page lists all supported features of port’s EtherNet/IP protocol stock.

  • Class 3 Server (Connected Explicit Messages)

  • Class 1 I/O (connected) Server (Implicit Messages)

  • UCMM (unconnected) Server (Unconnected Explicit Messages)

  • extensible for application and profile objects

  • Number of Explicit connections: configurable (limited by RAM)

  • Number of Implicit connections: configurable (limited by RAM)

  • supported connection types: Exclusive Owner, Input Only, Listen Only

  • IP Assignment via DHCP or static IP address

  • support single port devices or multiport devices

  • supported link speeds 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, 1000 Mbit/s

  • support LargeForwardOpen service (connections with data size > 511 bytes)

  • DLR Beacon-based Ring Nodes are supported, but require special hardware and additional DLR stack.

  • DLR Announce-based Ring Nodes are supported for devices that have an Ethernet Switch with at least two external ports

  • Address Conflict Detection (ACD) is supported for single-port and multi-port devices

Objects supported by default:

  • Identity Object

  • Message Router Object

  • Assembly Object

  • Connection Manager Object

  • TCP/IP Object

  • Ethernet Link Object

  • DLR (Ring Node only)

  • QoSParameter Objects