Feature comparison between uGOAL and GOAL

Follow table shows which features are available for uGOAL and GOAL.



Supported in Release with

GOAL 2.0

uGOAL 2.0

GOAL 2.1

uGOAL 2.1

GOAL core framework

Basic GOAL core functionally as:

  • Timers

  • Tasks

  • Semaphores

    • Memory allocation

RPC wrapper functionality

RPC wrappers for:

  • EtherCAT with CoE, EoE, FoE and DC


  • EtherNet/IP

  • HTTP

  • TCP/UDP channels

  • CCM manangement functions

Inter CPU logging support

Transportation of logging messages from AC to CC or CC to AC. See following functions:

Mapping process data to the RPC transport for PROFINET

This feature is described in the corresponding application note.

This feature allows to extend available process data beyond 73 bytes of the data mapper.



Mapping process data to the RPC transport for EtherNet/IP

Mapping process data to the RPC transport for EtherCAT


Media redundancy slave suppport

EtherNet/IP ACD

Support for Address Conflict Detection

EtherNet/IP Virtual Class Support

Parameters for EtherNet/IP Adapters


Handling of data mapper is done automatically within device setup functions (Slot, Subslot, Module)

PROFINET Alarm Queue Support

Alarms can be queued for determined order

PROFINET Reorganisation of modules mapped to the Data Mapper

Once plugged modules, which were mapped to the data mapper, can now be reorganised (Pull and Re-Plug) during runtime.