Features & Known Restrictions

Which features provides the module

  • PROFINET stack, Conformance Class B, Real Time Class 1

  • EtherNet/IP stack

  • EtherCAT stack

  • Web server

  • TCP channels (maximum throughput of 32kBit/s)

  • UDP channels (maximum throughput of 32kBit/s)

  • cyclic communication channel for real time data (PROFINET process data, EtherNet/IP process data) with at least 64 byes input/output data and up to 73 byte input and 73 byte output data (depending on the protocol stack) and a cycle time of 1 ms

  • RPC interface for management, application setup and non realtime data


What are the capabilities of the device

  • configurable number of modules and slots

  • up to 73 byte or process data per direction

    • input, output, ioxs, status information (optional generic data provider, optional apdu status)

    • direction of output data is limited to 69 byte when generic data provider (4 byte) is mapped

    • for PROFINET applications, the generic data provider is optional

    • up to 1 ms cycle time

  • up to 1434 byte of process data per direction when RPC transport is chosen

    • cycle time must not be less then 100ms

  • support for process alarms

  • support for record data (read, write), where a maximum of 1116 byte can be accessed in each direction

  • support for Redundancy (MRP) (FW Rev. 2.1)

  • Dynamic module configuration (provided by connection request from PLC) for modules mapped to the cyclic channel (FW Rev. 2.1)

What functionality is not supported

  • Queue for sequential process alarm sending


What are the capabilities of the device

  • Redundancy (DLR) - Beacon Based Ring Node

  • 73 byte of process data in each direction

    • 69 byte in output direction, if the generic data provider is mapped

    • the generic data provider is required for LED status of EtherNet/IP devices

  • Virtual CIP classes

  • Exceeding process data over the size of the cyclic channel (73 byte) by using RPC service


What are the capabilities of the device

  • EtherCAT

  • Dynamic PDO assignment and dynamic PDO mapping

  • SDO Info service

  • SDO service

  • Distributed Clocks

Frame specification







0 .. 3

4 byte

MCTC SPI header

4 .. 76

73 byte

cyclic data (data mapper)

77 .. 126

50 byte

RPC data


1 byte