Features & Known Restrictions

For comfortable and easy configuration and object dictionary management, port provides its Unified Industrial Communication Creator Platform which enables the user to develop communication solutions using port stacks rapidly.


The individual functionality for each stack is realized by plug-ins for each protocol. So the user has only to learn how to work with one tool.


The Industrial Communication Creator contains the Unified Industrial Communication Creator Platform as well as the following plug-in for port’s stacks and libraries:


  • EtherNet/IP

  • CANopen

  • EtherCAT

  • CC-Link IE TSN

  • CC-Link IE Field Basic


Functionality provided by the tool include

  • Generation of stack configuration file;

  • Generation of software model definition (e.g. slots and modules, connections, object dictionary, lines, etc.) file;

  • Generation of device description (GSDML, EDS, ESI, CSP+) file;

  • User assistance for each configuration setting;

  • Detection of common configuration errors;

  • Step by step configuration guide in form of task list.