EtherNet/IP - Sample Projects

The following chapter lists the EtherNet/IP project directories and their usage.

Single core projects (full source version)

  • projects\goal_eip\opener\* - single core projects

Single core projects (library version)

  • projects\goal_eip_lib\00_lib - single core library

  • projects\goal_eip_lib\* - single core projects (requiring single core library)

Multicore projects (full source version)

  • projects\goal_eip_rpc\opener\00_goal_rpc - CC multicore project

  • projects\goal_eip_rpc\opener\00_goal_rpc_demo - CC multicore project (demo - 3h limitation)

  • projects\goal_eip_rpc\opener\* - AC multicore projects (requiring a CC multicore project)

Multicore projects (library version)

  • projects\goal_eip_rpc\opener\00_lib - AC multicore library

  • projects\goal_eip_rpc\opener\* - AC multicore projects (requiring AC multicore library and a CC multicore project)

The EtherNet/IP software is offered either in a full source or library version. Which projects are available depends to the kind of version.

The library version is for demonstration purpose and has no feature restrictions but is limited to a total runtime of about 3 hours.