FAQ & Troubleshooting

Some of the features are always available, others can be activated / dectivated about compiler defines included in the file <target>/bl_config.h.

Specific meaning of some compiler switches:

Bootloader object 0x1018

CANopen Identity Objekt at 0x1018: (default values, adaptabel by user)
#define CO_VENDOR_ID 0x34
#define CO_PRODUCT 0x0815
#define CO_SERIAL 0x12345678

If next switch defined subindexes from object 0x1018 are everytime available.


If next switch defined, Paulus used the feature “auto start application after reset”. If you want this to be disabled, comment out the following line. Then jump in application only possible via object 1F51h.

Bootloader Node-ID

Paulus used default Node-ID '2'. This is adaptable by user.

/* Used CANopen Node Id Should be variable of course wether set by reading out some jumpers or dip-switches in the function getNodeId() or by using LSS, in this case 255 must be used */ #ifdef BL_USE_LSS #define BL_FIXED_NODEID 255 #else #define BL_FIXED_NODEID 2 #endif

CAN part

CAN settings (e.g. clock, contoller number if more then one available) are dependent from used platform / evaluation board.

Default bitrate 125Kb used.

#ifndef CONFIG_CAN_T_CLK #define CONFIG_CAN_T_CLK 36 /* CAN clock default 36 MHz */ #endif /* CAN controller nunber */ #define CONFIG_CAN_CONTROLLER_NUMBER 0 /* 0=CAN0, 1=CAN1 */ /* CAN, these values should be returned by the getBitRate() user Function */ #define BL_BITRATE_INDEX BITRATE_INDEX_125K /* default used 125K */

This part must be adapted by the customer to his hardware specific. port can support it.