Features & Known Restrictions

CANopen Bootloaders (short name “Paulus”) with a communication interface allow firmware updates by using of standardized communication services and objects. These provide a high transparency and operator convenience.

The bootloader Paulus makes this flexibility available for devices in CANopen networks. With the SDO transfer CANopen provides a standardized mechanism for the transfer of large blocks of data. The bootloader is independent of the application and works as a minimal CANopen slave node according to /CiA-301/.

The bootloader code is written rather universal and modular. It can therefore easily applicable to other architectures.

Paulus only supports 11 bit standard identifier.

The NMT state machine according to /CiA-301/ is not supported by the Paulus bootloader completely because code size optimization.

Paulus used the segmented SDO transfer for flash download, block transfer current not supported.