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If you need to specify the cross compiler, you can do so by calling make in the following way:

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make CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/toolchain/armv8-rpi3-linux-gnueabihf/bin/armv8-rpi3-linux-gnueabihf-

The resulting binary is located in the sub folder build/emtrion_sbc_rzn1d_a7. It can be transfered to the device using scp:


  • time limited to 180 minutes

  • EtherCAT support is missingnot fully tested, no conformance testing done

  • LED support not fully implemented, LED colors on the hardware limit possible protocol conformance (EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP)

  • firmware update functionality from A7 or over Ethernet (HTTP, EtherCAT) not implemented, required to do using u-boot

  • Exception Log not supported

  • CM3 reset not possible, a restart of the A7 application requires reboot of the whole system

Frequently asked questions

How to configure static IP configuration for the linux ethernet interface?

The initial ip configuration of the interface eth0 is configued in u-boot (see emtrion manual).

Code Block
# configure dhcp
env set ip-method dhcp
env save

# configue static ip
env set ip-method static
env set ip
env set netmask
env save

How to automatically start an application.

Put application into home folder /home/root under name goal_rzn1d_a7_linux.bin. After a reboot the application will be started automatically.