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For which Operating Systems is the ICC available?


  1. Install Java on your Raspberry Pi.

  2. Change the last line in the from "$(pwd)/jre/bin/java" into "java". So the ICC will use the installed Java version instead of his own.

The ICC uses a binary project file format which is not easy to handle in version control systems like GIT. What can I do?

The ICC is able to use an XML file format for its projects which can be easily used with GIT. In fact, the iccproj files are zipped XML files.

To enable the XML file format, follow these steps:

  1. In the menu click on Window → Preferences. In the following dialog click on „Enable .xml as project file“. Confirm by clicking on „Apply and Close“.

  2. For new projects, append .xml when selecting the file name to use the unzipped XML format.

  3. For existing projects, unzip the iccproj file and rename the ResouceContents to a name of your choice with a file extension of .xml e.g. myproject.xml
    This XML file can now be opened in the ICC.