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Comment: Add Modbus TCP


  • Profinet stack, Conformance Class B, Real Time Class 1

  • EtherNet/IP stack

  • EtherCAT stack

  • Modbus TCP

  • OPC-UA stack

  • Web server

  • TCP channels (maximum throughput of 32kBit/s)

  • UDP channels (maximum throughput of 32kBit/s)

  • Cyclic communication channel for real time data (Profinet process data, EtherNet/IP process data) with at least 64 byes input/output data and up to 73 byte input and 73 byte output data (depending on the protocol stack) and a cycle time of 1 ms

  • RPC interface for management, application setup and non realtime data


  • Queue for sequential process alarm sending


What are the capabilities of the device?

  • Redundancy (DLR) - Beacon Based Ring Node

  • 73 byte of process data in each direction

    • 69 byte in output direction, if the generic data provider is used

    • the generic data provider is required for LED status of EtherNet/IP devices

  • Virtual CIP classes

  • Exceeding process data over the size of the cyclic channel (73 byte) by using RPC service



  • EtherCAT

  • Dynamic PDO assignment and dynamic PDO mapping

  • SDO Info service

  • SDO service

  • Distributed Clocks

  • Up to 69 Byte of process data in each direction with an cycle time up to 1 ms

    • the generic data provider is required for LED status of EtherCAT devices

  • Up to 1408 Byte of process data while using RPC transport

    • cycle time must not be less then 100ms

Modbus TCP

More Information at the Modbus TCP Documentation. Please see Features & Known Restrictions, too.

  • User programmable data regions for coils, discrete inputs and registers

  • Supported Function Codes:

    • 0x01 - read coils

    • 0x02 - read discrete inputs

    • 0x03 - read holding registers

    • 0x04 - read input registers

    • 0x05 - write coil

    • 0x06 - write register

    • 0x0F - write multiple coils

    • 0x10 - write multiple registers



Support with Firmware Version

What are the capabilities of the device?

Please refer here for a full list of supported Profiles and Conformance Units.